In the Best Travel Story in the Travel & Food event, where food and friends and foreign culture are celebrated, Mastering the Art of (Liking) French Cooking won Gold. In this story, famous foodies and Francophiles Julia Child and M.F.K. Fisher set the scene. Both were fearless gourmands who would, with not a single cringe, cook and eat anything and everything, from Julia’s cherished Cervelles au Beurre Noir (lamb’s brains in brown butter sauce), a recipe featured in her famous cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, to M.F.K.’s prize Calf’s Head á la Tortue, a recipe whose instructions begin, “Bone, blanch and trim a calf’s head, cut it up into large scallops, keep the ears whole….” How is a vegetarian who cringes easily – moi – to survive while dining in France? Read the story here >

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